Nikki Cross

Welcome to Cross Classroom! The purpose of this website is to keep parents and students up to date.

For your convenience, book suggestions, student grade information, and other resources can also be found on this website.

As an aspiring author, I love to brainstorm ideas about how I plan to revolutionize the children’s book industry. I also am very passionate about being a positive role model for children and pouring into the lives of others.

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After high school, I moved to Missouri to attend Lindenwood University. There I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle School Education.

My husband, Tim, and I currently live in Medford, OR. We don’t have any kids yet, but we do have two cats named SNO and MIA.


More Information

  • Daily Required Supplies

    • Math Spiral Notebook
    • Data Tracking Folder
    • Completed Homework
    • Pencil(s)
    • Paper
  • My Expectations

    1. We do our best and refuse to cut corners.
    2. We focus to improve and refuse to give up.
    3. We support each other and refuse to set a bad example.
  • Consequences

    I believe consequences should be natural and/or logical. In my classroom consequences are consistent from student to student. The delivery of consequences will always address the particular behavior in question, not the student. Also, when a consequence is given the student will be informed immediately of what the next consequence is if any unwanted behavior continues. Be aware that in the case of severe behavior students forfeit the right to move through the hierarchy of consequences.

    Potential Consequences Include:

    • Moving To Another Seat Or Room.
    • Staying After Class/Filling Out A Think Sheet.
    • Signing A Behavior Folder.
    • Calling Or Writing Home.
    • Lunch Detention.
    • Conference With Parent(s).
    • Revoking Privileges.
    • Referral To Principal.
    • Etc.

    * Note: If a student is required to fill out a Think Sheet 3 or more times a week a referral will be written up and they will be sent to the principal’s office. The principal will then decide what the student’s next consequence will be.